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It has a been a while since I posted or oggcasted, but it is time to do so again. For those of you who don’t know, I more or less do three things: 1) teacher 2) IT worker 3) gamer/hacker. Today, I am posting about the first of those three things, and sharing a pedagogical strategy I use to teach students math. The strategy, or thinking routine (Harvard Project Zero), is called Inquirer Presenter Scribe. The video presentation attached in this post is both an overview to the routine, and includes a small, scaled down, model implementation of the routine with volunteer students/colleagues.

Here is my description of the thinking routine:

Short: A math pedagogical technique to introduce, explore, and solve problems that leverages seminar and tutorial.

Long: Inquirer Presenter Scribe is a thinking routine (Harvard Project Zero) that Jonathan developed in order to leverage seminar, dialogue, and tutorial to understand mathematical concepts. Jonathan has found that the process builds off individual student strengths, elevates the culture of learning in the class, and helps students understand math standards more fully.

My goal in writing this post today is not to share the thinking routine in detail in written form, rather, one can find the documentation and resources for the routine here:

Although I won’t share the routine in detail, as I said above, I encourage you to review these resources above, watch the video/oggcast connected to this post, and then consider the basic overview. This method is a way of structuring students between group and plenary work, both with and without teacher assistance, and with a set of capstone student presentations at the end. Keep that in mind, check out these resources, and I think that the routine will make sense. If you are interested in employing at your sites and/or need additional information, do not hesitate to reach out to me vie email.

Also, please note that I share this as Director of Haack’s Networking, but that I actively use this approach with my own students in my teaching work at SFCC, and I also actively share this approach with others, which includes the presentation I am attaching, where I delivered this routine digitally to a group of colleagues and some student volunteers.


Jonathan Haack

Director, Haack’s Networking

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