NM Fight Club

Okay … so, yes, taking a break from formal IT work for the dissertation, but I have a lot of work to do – and relaxation is required. To relax, I often play Pokémon Go.

Although Pokémon Go is not Free Software, it is a very fun game.. Moreover, the surrounding community is steeped in Free Software, for example, pvpoke.com and the use of Telegram as one of the official communication platforms for Silph tournament play. During my dissertation break, I will be spending my limited relaxation time playing the game and, specifically, playing PvP.

Recently, I was able to set up an official club on Silph called the NM Fight Club. To the extent possible, I use Free Software to manage the community, leveraging Telegram instead of Discord to run the battle communications, and using a GNU/Linux computer with which to stage everything from. Sure, I wish the game was Free Software, however, I cannot control that.

For now, this will afford me some R&R in between writing and researching. If there are any other POGO geeks and/or PvP geeks out there … hope to see you at the fight club some time.


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